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  • 08/06/16--06:59: How to get v15.1 update
  • We have released an update for our v15.0 Windows and Mac products.

    Our v15.1 Windows products supports Windows 10 as well as Office 365

    Our 15.1 Mac products support Mac OSX 10.11.x as well as MS Office 2016 and Office 365.

    You will find more information about the supported environment from the following link.

    If you have downloaded the v15.0 product through your site subscription then, you need to go to your site subscription page and enter your Institution/Organization email id to obtain v15.1 update installer.

    If you have purchased the v15.0 product then use the download link present in the fulfillment email that you received for v15.0 purchase. If you don’t have the email then please provide the following information to process the download link.

    Email id
    Phone number
    Purchase order

    Alternatively you can download the free trial (v15.1) installers from the following link and use your v15.0 serial number / registration code to activate the product instead of trial codes

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    I am unable to view images in spotfire I was able to establish connection with columbus but not able to see the screens in columbus.

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    I was wondering if it's possible to import plates into Columbus from directories that are local to the Columbus server, which should then circumvent the Columbus Helper.

    I am fairly certain that I was able to do this in the past by specifying a local directory with the syntax 'local:///path/...' instead of 'client://C:/...', but recent attempts in Columbus v2.6 have not been successful.

    Is this possible? And if so, what is the proper syntax?


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    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me where I can download Chem Draw Professional?

    This pages suggests that is is avalible:

    Thanks in advance.

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    We are having trouble deleting plates and measurements from our Columbus server. Specifically, we have a plate that was read ~50 times for a stress test, so in our Columbus structure, we see a single plate with ~50 measurements. We are unable to delete either a single measurement or the parent plate folder. Other plates from the same user can be deleted without any issues. Are there any other options for deleting this data, perhaps at the command line?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Installation of 15.1 fails
  • I've been trying to update to 15.1 on Windows 10. First, I uninstalled 15.0 from system configuration. Afterwards, I ran the setup utility of 15.1. When the installation of "ChemOffice Professional 2015" is about to start (Please wait while Windows configures PerkinElmer ChemOffice Professional 2015), the installation window will say "Time remaining: 3 seconds" and nothing happens from now on. I already waited for hours...

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    When I open ChemDraw Professional version 15.1 from Windows 7 using the command line:

    C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\CambridgeSoft\ChemOffice2015\ChemDraw\ChemDraw.exe" “myfile.cdx” it opens two document windows: “myfile.cdx” and “Untitled Document-1”.

    The “myfile.cdx” window is hidden behind the “Untitled Document-1” window.

    When I open ChemDraw Prime 15.0 using the same method, it opens only the “myfile.cdx” window and not “Untitled Document-1”.

    How can I open ChemDraw Professional version 15.1 from the command line without opening the “Untitled Document-1” window?

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    Is it possible to allow an administrator (root or otherwise) to save analyses and run batch analyses on other user's data once LDAP authentication is in place?


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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Page Numbers
  • Is there a way to automatically add page numbers to the bottom of a multi-page ChemDraw document? In other words, If I want to print a research paper compiled on Chemdraw is there a way to have each page automatically tabulated with a page number or do I have manually add it to every page?

    Thanks for your help!

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    ChemDraw for Excel ver12を使用しています。

    構造式を含むデータをSDFにエクスポートすると、MOLファイル(構造データ)部分にVレコード(V 1 0 とか)が出力されてしまいます。構造表示したときに元素記号のそばに表示される番号の情報ですが不要です。エクスポート時にVレコードを出力しない方法(設定)はありますでしょうか。

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    We have a few problems with ENotebook

    Suddenly it is not possible to save new Reactions or save changes to reactions, if the reaction field has been altered.

    The following error is displayed:

    "Sorry while sacing chemistry experiment "name", while saving field "Reaction" of section "Reaction", while adding a chemical structure, Eine externe Komponente hat eine Ausnahme ausgelöst."

    The last part is a german error-message meaning that an external component has thrown an exception.

    This error occurs on several different PCs, the operating systems ranging from windows 7 to 10.

    Viewing any already existing reactions is possible.

    The Database is hosted on another server.

    Changing Text on existing reactions is possible.

    A check of the database yielded no errors. A check of the servers harddrive also yielded no errors.

    Up-to-date and Not-up-to-date sytems are affected.

    I am currently out of ideas, so I hope anyone of you can help.

    Thank you

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    A feature that's been in chemdraw for at least a decade has been the ability to:

    -Select atom label

    -Hover over another vertex and double click

    -Previously selected atom label is copied

    In Chemdraw 15, this has been changed. Instead of copying the selected atom label, it copies the last created label. This makes the feature almost useless and since it's something that has existed for a decade, I'm assuming it's not intentional. Could it be fixed?

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    Hi there!

    I experienced a problem which occured today for the first time: after saving a Word file the embedded Chemdraw structures are transformed to uneditable picutres.

    My question: How do I get editable structures again?

    I use Word 2016 and got ChemDrawUltra 2012 as well as ChemDrawStd 2014 on my PC.


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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Chembiodraw MS prediction
  • When using Analysis Window to predict MS for molecules containing chlorines, the m/z and abundance don't match each other. For example, the 100% is always the very first m/z, however, it is not always the case. Please fix the bug!

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  • 08/06/16--06:59: The page setup was grey
  • I am a student from China, the sourse button is grey, and can not change more size.

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    Dear Folks,

    there is a useful feature existing in the Windows-Version of ChemBioDraw: a simple copy-pasting of the molecule from Chemdraw to a Microsoft Word-File creates an auto-refreshing picture.

    Unfortunately, this does not work w/ Office 2016 for Mac (ChemBioDraw 15.1, OS X El Capitan).

    Is there any workaround or setting that can make this available?

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    I try to copy a chemical structure to clipboard using Visual Studio VB .net 2012 and the ChemControl14 but find no way to copy the molecule. Could somebody please provide a sample code how to do it.

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    I have a file with the reflectance data for a SRS-99-020 type Labsphere Standard, provided by Perkin Elmer, and I would like to use it as reference for a %RC method in UVWinlab program. However, the program does not recognize text files and it requires fiels in *.SP format.

    How can I convert my text file to SP format?

    Thank you in advance,


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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Change screen resolution
  • Hey there!

    I have a question concerning the Perkin Elmer E-Notebook. I installed the software on my Microsof Surface, but the resolution of the program is really bad. All tables are too big and I can't even see all the contents (within an experiment, I can't see the solvent table or the reaction conitions table). Is there a way to change the resolution of the program or to solve this problem in a different way?

    Great thanks!

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    I cannot have two documents open at the same time.

    When opening a second documet the window satrts to flicker and an is impossible to work in.

    How can I fix this?

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