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    I want to upgrade my Windows 7 OS to Windows 10. However, I understand that Windows 10 does not support SQL Server 2008 R2. So I would like to upgrade to SQL Server 2014. Will my existing E-notebook 13 installation be able to access my database with the new SQL Server 2014 installed?

    Thank you,


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    The Columbus image analysis output files have special characters such as "Image Region Area [µm²] - Sum per Well." These special characters are problematic for LIMS and informatics software. Is there a way to exclude special characters from image analysis output files?



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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Saving thumbnail settings
  • Is there a way to save my image column and row height selection in the Thumbnails section? It reverts to the defalt settings every time I refresh or change the images that are being displayed.

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    japanese user reported that when they exeute below operation, thejapanese characters in preparation field change into blank sqare. But other field can show Japanese word correctly.

    The operation user did which could cause this issue are:

    NG: Repair E-Notebook client.

    NG: E-Notebook Uninstall, then Install and then restart PC.

    NG: Recreate fntcache.dat, and then restart PC.

    NG: sfc /scannnow -> Restart PC. PC -> E-Notebook UninstInstall/Install .

    And then delete ELN cache under c:\user\(sid)\AppData folder.

    NG: Log in PC as other user, and then login ELN, Read experiment of himself or

    Experiment of other users, Japanese character are all shown as blank square.

    When they click the blank square,they found that the font type is shown as blank.

    So, the question is how to restore the Japanese character coreectly?


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    When we use Chemdraw for Excel 15 to export the excel sheet to SDF, the SDF generated can be imported to excel without problem. However when we import it to ChemFinder 15, only the structure can be imported, and it seems all other information from the original excel sheet is lost.

    We don't have the problem when using Chemdraw for Excel 12.

    Please help.

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    I have office 2013 and 2010 installed and the chemdraw plugin (chemdraw 13) works for both of them.

    A week or two ago (on two seperate computers with the same setup), the excel plugin "convert SMILES to Molecule" function stopped working. As far as I know, no changes were made except windows updates.

    Basically, it tries to convert and kinda hangs on the "working" loading window for about a minute. Eventually, the loading window closes itself and no changes are made and there is no error message.

    If I look at the windows event viewer, I can see it logs the following error:

    Procedure: CommandHandler::Execute

    Details: The file exists.

    StackTrace: at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)

    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError()

    at System.IO.Path.GetTempFileName()

    at CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice.ChemDrawExcelAddIn.CommandHandlers.CommandHandler.AddPicture(Worksheet worksheet, Byte[] cdxData, Range cell, String alttext)

    at CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice.ChemDrawExcelAddIn.CommandHandlers.CommandHandler.c__DisplayClass11.b__f(Range cell, Int32 loopIndex)

    at CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice.ChemDrawExcelAddIn.MethodExtensions.ForEach(Range selection, Func`3 action, Boolean ignoreHidden, Boolean limitAreaToUsedRange, Func`2 breakCondition)

    at CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice.ChemDrawExcelAddIn.CommandHandlers.CommandHandler.ConvertToMolecule(ConvertFrom convertFrom, Boolean showUI)

    at CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice.ChemDrawExcelAddIn.CommandHandlers.CommandHandler.SMILESToMolecule()

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

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    We currently are trying to install ChemDraw15 silently and using the x64 reg. file provided by the vendor and after the installation we get an error that the product is not activated. We verified that the registry had the correct settings based on the reg. file provided. Therefore, it is as if the application is not reading the reg keys successfully.

    We can manually enter the data to activate the application manually, but we noticed that this information does not get imported into the registry.

    We use the same .msi install for x32 and x64. We can only download one installer.

    What are we missing? Why is the product not activating successfully? The information need for the registry is there, but application is not getting activated. We are using Windows 7.

    Here is our code:

    msiexec /I CambridgeSoft_ChemDraw_Prime_15.0.msi /qn
    reg import Ashland_University_CD15_32_Override_2015.reg

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    Hello, on one of our old lab machines I stupidly upgraded the system to Windows 10 and have wiped the databse out. I have installed SQL 2014 and have got the new notebook to work (can add chemistry etc). But i cannot restore the backup as the restoreDB function keeps giving the error that "This applucation works only with SQL Server 2008".

    Can I either:

    1) Manually move old backup files into the correct folders to restore my old DB

    2) turn off the warning in the restoreDB function?

    Any help would be great as I cannot go back to windows 7 and didn't realise 2008 no longer worked in windows 10!!!!

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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Change arrowhead size
  • Is there a way to adjust the size of arrowheads,etc.? At the moment, the arrowhead is ridiculously large.

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    Would it be possible to add a GUI manager for hotkeys? I would like to look up and edit the hotkeys (especially ones for switching between tools, and that warns me when I am adding a hotkey that conflicts with another hotkey) without having to exit the program and edit a text file (the hotkeys.xml file).

    Thank you!

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  • 08/06/16--06:59: Release of Columbus 2.7
  • Hi Everyone,

    We are very excited to announce the release of ColumbusTM 2.7!

    Highlights of ColumbusTM 2.7 release include the following:

    • Users can search, filter, browse, and preview the Columbus database contents within High Content Profiler/Spotfire (and other clients) to directly download and aggregate cell and well level results and metadata. Users no longer need to export and import data and manually merge with metadata, saving precious time as well as avoiding mistakes during data transfer.
    • Automatic triggering of batch image analysis upon image import for PerkinElmer HCS imagers including Opera Phenix and Operetta CLS.
    • Enhanced Define Results Building Block
    • Support for Assay Specific Building Blocks in analysis sequences
    • XYZ-View for z-stacks

    Your Columbus server administrator or manager should have received a notification with all the necessary information and files to upgrade your server. Please contact support ( if you have not received this information from Also, I have included the contents of our release notes below.

    Seungtaek Lee | Informatics – Product Manager

    PerkinElmer | For the Better


    Supported Browsers

    - Columbus fully supports:

    - Firefox

    - Google Chrome

    - Internet Explorer 11

    - Safari 5 or above

    - Columbus is compatible with:

    - Internet Explorer 10

    - Other browsers and browser versions may function but compatibility is not guaranteed.

    Known Issues

    - Acapella scripts written in previous versions may not be compatible with Acapella 4.0 and Columbus 2.5. For information on how to convert old scripts to the new format refer to Technical Note 476.

    - In Safari web browser, files downloaded from the links in the in the ‘Published Info’ tab may have extension .txt.csv instead of just .txt. This is automatically done by the Safari browser when it detects a file as ‘text/csv’.

    Columbus 2.7.0

    - Added automatic triggering of batch image analysis upon Harmony plate import by selecting a default analysis sequence for the screen (COL-1128)

    - Added REST API to enable client applications to search and browse the Columbus database for direct data and metadata download (COL-975)

    - Added ability to publish Screens and Plates in Columbus, in order to search, preview, and downloaded directly in High Content Profiler and TIBCO Spotfire (COL-985; COL-1085)

    - Added ability to directly downloaded and merged or linked cell and well level results and assay definitions (plate layout) within High Content Profiler and TIBCO Spotfire (COL-1085)

    - Added XYZ-View for z-stacks, it shows an xy-, xz- and yz-section through an image stack of a thick sample (e.g. microtissues) to allow for better interrogation of 3D image sets (COL-1156)

    - Added support for Assay Specific Building Blocks in analysis sequences (COL-1157)

    - Enhanced "Defined Results" Building Block for easier navigation and selection of features, including all features (COL-1159)

    - The Secondary Analysis has been deprecated and might be removed in the future. It is recommended to use the High Content Profiler for the secondary analysis.

    - Fixed pasting of data from Excel into concentration layer in the Assay Definition Editor (COL-1133)

    - Fixed import configuration where folder names containing certain characters were not accepted (COL-274)

    - Fixed Celery message queue hanging (COL-1420)

    - Fix log file rotation for Columbus webapp logging (COL-1192)

    - Improved default export folder name setting (COL-1444)

    - Improved documentation (COL-1252, COL-1258, COL-1102, COL-405)

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    I am running windows 10 with excel 2016 and the latest version of chemdraw professional 15.0. previously the add in for excel worked fin but recently it has stopped working. one of the excel add ins, chemdraw for excel 15 works but the COM add in chemdraw/ excel 15 displays a runtime error.

    I have tried changing the load behaviour in the registry form 2 to 3.

    Could it it be the antivirus?

    Please advise, many thanks

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    Hi Everyone,

    PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the release of High Content ProfilerTM 1.3, which enables browsing, searching, downloading, and aggregation of Columbus contents directly within High Content Profiler and Spotfire.

    Highlights of High Content ProfilerTM 1.3 release include the following:

    New Columbus data source to search, filter, browse, and preview data and images stored in the Columbus database directly within Spotfire and High Content Profiler.

    o Search and filter by any data and metadata types

    o Automatic relationship management between cell and well level data

    o Automatic aggregation of multiple wells and plates for both cell and well level data files into a single table

    o Automatic aggregation of data and plate layout information (assay definition) into a single table

    Seungtaek Lee | Informatics – Product Manager

    PerkinElmer | For the Better


    Below are some additional information from our release notes:

    Known Issues, Limitations, and Workarounds

    Limitations and Known Issues:

    - Cannot preview the result image of a Columbus rule in insert/edit images column dialog, even if user has logged in.

    - Group rule name may be duplicated on preference page.

    - Message box of applying image settings may pop up even if we did not change anything.

    - Out of memory exception may occur while processing large images (around 300MB).

    - The High Content Profile HTML panels may have incorrect width and show a horizontal scroll bar when the installed Internet Explorer version is 8

    - If the user changes from ‘custom’ normalization data function to a normalization data function provided by High Content Profiler 1.3 in an executed workflow, using ‘Analysis settings’, the new execution will fail. This also happens if the user tries to change from a normalization data function provided by the High Content Profiler 1.3, to a ‘custom’ normalization data function using the ‘Analysis settings’. To avoid this issue the user should re-execute the workflow (using the wizard) when changing between user and workflow defined normalization data functions.

    In Spotfire 7.0 if the user changes the Spotfire Visual Theme the HCP html panels will remain white.

    - Normalization will not work correctly on the plates with no controls if the user provides a dataset containing controls in some plates but not in others.

    - The HCP workflow may fail if a new execution is attempted before the previous execution completes.

    - The dose response page will only display the first 5000 compounds if more than 5000 compounds are loaded.

    - When using multiple un-pooled controls the positivity score for the different controls is not available in the dose response dropdown menu. These values can still be displayed by selecting them manually on the respective axes or executing the workflow separately for each of the controls.

    - In Columbus, you cannot create assay layouts with identical layer names, however, this is not prevented during the import process and an error may result.

    List of Fixed Defects

    The following issues were fixed with this release:

    - When no controls were provided the color selector in the plate layout overview page did not work correctly

    - The presence of special characters in the values of certain columns could cause problems in various visualizations when these columns were selected and prevent the correct display of the Hits per compound table.

    - The presence of some special characters in the compound column name would cause an incorrect display of the prediction details visualization

    - The plate layout editor html panel is now cleared after the user selects the HCP tool to perform a new workflow execution

    - Workflow execution was extremely slow when the compound column had many unique values

    - In the dose response all compounds were selected by default, this could cause problems when the number of compounds high.

    - When many compounds are present the visualizations in the dose response page never loaded.

    - The presence of special characters in the feature names could produce an error in the dose response visualization

    - Removed the none entry for compound selection in the dose response page, as it makes no sense to display no compound

    - In certain cases numeric values were interpreted as strings in the Plate layout editor, which could cause problems if the layout column was intended for use as numeric.

    - Hits per compound table was missing some columns if concentration was not provided

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    I'm trying to understand the nuances of pasting into Word. I'm in Windows 7, pasting from ChemDraw Prime into Word 2010. In some documents, after pasting the font arbitrarily changes. I can't figure out the pattern, and changing the paste options in Word doesn't seem to help.


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    I have a problem with embedding Chem3D (14) object to power point. It is working in excel, word, but it isn't in powerpoint. Does anyone know a solution for this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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    I would like to run a MM2 Molecular Dynamics calculation with Chem3D 15.1.
    In the Dynamics tab I'm using the default settings.
    In the Job Type tab I checked the boxes for:
    - Setup new Atom Types before Calculation

    - Setup ne Atom Charges before Calculation

    - Show Step Information 1

    - Copy Measurements to Output Box

    With these settings the calculation is running.

    But if I choose also "Save Step Data In:" I get the error message "The 'Minimum Gradient' value must be >0.".

    What could be the reason for that?

    Thanks in advance for answers!

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    is it possible to measure a distance not only between two atoms, but also between two middles of atomic bonds?

    Thanks and best!

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    I'm new to ChemFinder. I've been searching for software to build a library of compounds and include the following information in each record: structure, name, CAS, formula, MW, exact mass, M+H, spectra, and comments/notes. I see how I can quickly import structures and create a ChemFinder database with formula and MW. Is there any way I can also have the program automatically populate exact mass and other calculated properties, or would I have to do that manually?

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    Does Chemdraw 15 (windows) have addin for Excel 2013 on 64-bit machine?

    I can't seem to find it?



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