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    Hi there, I just noticed that ChemDraw 16's MOL file generator is not quite correct and thought I would let you know. Basically, the writer should set the explicit valence when it is different than the MDL valence model.

    Here's an example. Let's take the SMILES string, "CIC". If you "Paste as SMILES", ChemDraw inserts H3C-I-CH3 (that is, ChemDraw reads this SMILES string perfectly). It doesn't like the iodine and puts a red box around it, but it reads it in fine.

    When you "Copy as MOL text", the line describing iodine is as follows:

    " 0.0000 0.2062 0.0000 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0"

    That's not correct. It should be:

    " 0.0000 0.2062 0.0000 I 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0"

    That's because the valence model for MOL files is that iodine should be three-valent (in this case), and so a hydrogen is added when ChemDraw (and other software) reads this MOL file. To override this behavior, you need to set the valence explicitly to 2.

    - Noel O'Boyle (Open Babel developer, and yes, Open Babel had this problem too)

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    Hi there,

    I am working on a Mac and I have downloaded ChemDraw 2016 for mac. I also have Microsoft Word for Mac (2016).

    I want to copy and paste an image from ChemDraw into my Word 2016 document but when I do it pastes as a PDF, and I am unable to re-edit the image. There is no other pasting optiion and I was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve this issue as I can't work or edit any of my procedures/structures easily as they just paste as PDF images.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

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    I wish to draw peptide structures with un-natural amino acids, such as ornithine, how does one do this easily? As am starting out, which is the best program to use?

    Profuse thanks for your help,


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    I wish to draw peptide structures with un-natural amino acids, such as ornithine, how does one do this easily? As am starting out, which is the best program to use?

    Profuse thanks for your help,


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  • 04/08/18--08:35: ChemFinder/ChemBioFinder
  • What's the deal on ChemFinder? Is it going to be supported in the future? The links on the web site go around in circles and little has been updated for a while. And is it ChemFinder or ChemBioFinder? Are they the same or different? Lots of stuff in the manuals and on the web is out of date or wrong. Even ChemFinder 16 doesn't seem to be aware of the PE acquisition.

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    I am using Volocity through a dongle and saving the .acff files on my computer as library clippings. I like this format because it keeps information on the exposure times and other information on the hardware. Now that I have transfered these .acff files to another computer, I need to bring them back to the old computer to view them since I don't have the .acff file reader. I am therefore writing on this page to see if somebody has a solution.

    The a page on the Volocity website say that there is Volocity LE for viewing these files without using the dongle.

    Does this version of Volocity still exist and is available to the public? If yes, does Perkin Elmer still offer the download file.

    Any help on viewing the .acff files out of Volocity would be helpfull.

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    Mac版ChemDraw Professional v17.0 (Trial版)をダウンロードして検証した結果です.

    OS 10.12 (Sierra) の場合

    Word 2016 (ver 15.39)への貼り付け:可能Paste SpecialPDF」への変換は不要)


    OS 10.13 (High Sierra) の場合

    Word 2016 (ver 15.39)への貼り付け:不可能!そのままではテキストファイルが挿入される.「Paste SpecialPDF」への変換が必要)


    あり得ない話ですが,High Sierra発表後に販売されるにも関わらず,最新OSをサポートしていません.(公式ページで発表されているサポートOSは10.11と10.12のみ!)





    一方,ChemDraw Professional v17.0 (Trial版)をインストールすることで,下のような現象も見られました.

    ChemBioDraw 14.0.0からWord 2016 (ver 15.39)への貼り付けおよびChemBioDraw上での再編集が可能になった.

    どのような仕組みかはわかりませんが,MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)でもMacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)でもこの現象が確認されました.

    しかし,Trialの終了後,ChemDraw Professional v17.0を関連ファイルなども含めてすべてパソコンから削除してしまうと,元のようにコピー&ペーストできない状態になりました.(テキストとして挿入される)

    よってChemBioDraw 14.0.0保持者は,現状では,以下のような使い方が最もストレスのない方法になります.

    OS 10.12 (Sierra) の場合

    1.PerkinElmer社のサイトからMac版ChemDraw Professional v17.0 (Trial版・無料)をダウンロードする

    2.ChemBioDraw 14.0.0を使用し続けるか(Trial期間が終わっても,ChemDraw v17.0を削除しないこと),ChemDraw v17.0のライセンスを購入する.

    ★OS 10.13 (High Sierra) の場合

    1.PerkinElmer社のサイトからMac版ChemDraw Professional v17.0 (Trial版・無料)をダウンロードする

    2.ChemBioDraw 14.0.0を使用し続ける(Trial期間が終わっても,ChemDraw v17.0を削除しないこと)

    なお,Chem(Bio)Draw 13, 15, 16では上記の検証を行っていませんので,14.0.0をお持ちでない方は,あくまでも参考です.

    また,ChemBioDraw 14.0.0は公式にはMacOS10.9までしかサポートされていないので,OS 10.12やOS 10.13の環境下では,別の不具合が生じる可能性があります.このあたりは各自の責任において,お試し下さい.(PerkinElmer社に認識してもらいたいことは,このような高額ソフトを毎年更新できる人は,環境に恵まれたごく少数の人だけであるということです)


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  • 04/08/18--08:35: Undo not available
  • Dear all,

    My first post here, so hello to all.

    I couldn't found any topic related to this, so my apologies if it has been submitted before and the answer has already been provided.

    This is the problem: we are using Word 2007 and ChemDraw 15. When we insert a CD object (i.e., a structure, reaction scheme) into Word and we double click to edit the object, it opens perfectly in ChemDraw, but the Undo (CTRL+Z) and Redo (Shift+CTRL+Z) options are not available, literally. The options are shown in the menu as not available options, AND the text is changed to Undo/Redo not available.

    Please, can somebody give me a hint about why is this happening, and if this has some solution? If you make a mistake you cannot go back.

    Best regards,

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  • 04/08/18--08:35: MS Office Ecxel 2016
  • The excel plugin for Chemdraw professional does not work/ what do I need to change?

    All Addins are activated, but when trying to insert/ paste, load nothing appears.
    Please fix.

    Windows 10 64 bit

    Microsoft office 365

    Chemdraw Professional 16.0

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    On the past versions I could select 2 or more different molecules, go to analysis windows, paste the molecular weight and I obtained a unique text box with the sum of the MW. Now, two or more different text boxes are displayed.

    Then, If I want to calculate the MW for NH4ClO4, I have to bond them to obtain the desired MW.

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Hi, seeking upgrade advice from Spotfire Server/Analyst 7.71 to a stable version. Unsure if we should go to 7.9, 7.10, or (bleeding edge) 7.11. Any suggestions or warnings would be welcome. Thanks!

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    I am using chemdraw professional 15 and word version 2016. When i double click on structure on the word file to open in chem draw an error message appears sayning ' Word cannot open the document : user does not have access privileges'

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    I drew a structrue with a pyridine coordinated to Pt (coordinating atom: N). When I put the structure into Chem3D it always showed a lone pair on N which should not exist. I changed the bond between N and Pt to a dative bond and then did MM2 calculation to get the configuration, but when the calculation started it changed the dative bond to a single bond automatically and the lone pair appeared again. What can I do to delete the lone pair on N?

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    Round trip editing just died in the last few weeks! On my MacBook Pro, running High Sierra, with Chemdraw 17 (specifically (131) shown in the "about" menu) and the MS word from Office 365 (version 16.8 (171210) in "about") I don't even get an image transferred when I copy and then paste into word. It looks like a SMILES string, but is too simple for the complexity of my graphics. With "paste special" I can force a graphic to be pasted, but it's dead upon return to Chemdraw. Pasting into Powerpoint (same Office suite) appears the same as "paste special" to Word: it does deliver an image that can scale (I think it's .pdf format) but is a dead graphic when I attempt to move it back into Chemdraw. Even old Word files where I used to be able to pull the image out and edit it now only give me a dead graphical block when I pick a chemdraw graphic out and pull it into the current version. Very frustrating. Since both tools have been updated in the last few months, I can't say which to blame.

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    Hello everyone.

    When I write the experimental part with auto text, the default format for [REACTANTS] is: name (sample mass, moles).
    I would like to have the following: name (
    sample mass, moles, eq) and sometimes name (sample mass , %w, moles, eq), how do you do that?
    thanks in advance

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    I am experiencing annoying problems with ChemDraw 17.0. It crashes frequently, e.g. when I am trying to move a scheme or formate the text. I am working on IMac with macOS Sierra 10.12.6.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • 04/08/18--08:35: Chem3D set bond length
  • It is written in manual that after selecting bond I can change it's length in "Structures -> Measure -> Set bond length", but I could see only "display bond length" option. What am I doing wrong?

    The same question about bond angle - how could I change it?

    In fact I want to rotate one cycle (in naphthalene) about C-C bound between cycles and calculate bond energies in new configuration. But I did not find tool to make it.. So I need to move atoms manually but bond lengths are not fixed (while I do not want to change them, only angles).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    If you are interested in a one month free trial of High Content Profiler Pro for Windows please visit:

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  • 04/08/18--08:35: Pasting strangeness
  • Hi all,

    I am having a strange issue with pasting from chendraw into word, which I have never encountered before. When pasting into the document, the pasted section has a background colour that I can get rid of in the usual way. The only work around is to change the layourt of the object, but this is annoying as then the object moves with word etc.

    Anyone have any ideas how to solve this?


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  • 04/08/18--08:35: System Query
  • I am a new ENB admin. I would like to know how to query the system to find user name, active vs inactive status, and what collections the users belong to. What tables would you join to search for this?

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